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We are pleased to offer you our collection of primary source-based U.S. history books, historical fiction, and guides. Filled with original documents – letters, photographs, journal entries, maps, broadsheets, newspaper accounts, and illustrations – each book tells stories through firsthand accounts of life, struggle, hardship, victory, and success in our nation’s history.

Our goal is to provide you stories, compelling and true, that give insight into our nation’s history. We aim to publish carefully selected, well-researched books that help us better understand our past, give us context for the present, and shed light on our future. We are excited about the opportunity to share our enjoyment of history with you.

We invite you to look over our extensive collection.

What's New

Civil Rights Movement 1954-1968: We Shall Overcome, Some Day (2nd ed.)
by Mitch Yamasaki


Noted historian Mitch Yamasaki’s anthology features speeches, oral histories, and writing of political leaders, civil rights leaders, and many of the average citizens who fought for and against civil rights...

Perspectives on History

The popular Perspectives on History series contains compelling firsthand accounts from colonists to astronauts. The 75 volumes convey life, struggle, hardship, victory, and success throughout American history.

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The Vietnam War: How the United States Became Involved (2nd ed.)
by Mitch Yamasaki

Through a collection of original source documents and the words of those who lived through it, The Vietnam War gives insight into the historic background and events leading to American involvement and escalation of the war.  Professor Mitch Yamasaki examines the major interpretations of how and why the U.S. became involved, what it hoped to accomplish, and how a poorly...

Researching American History

The innovative Researching American History series, designed for less experienced students and as an attractive offering for historic site and museum visitors, introduces our nation's history through compelling firsthand accounts and primary source materials.

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Children at Work (2nd ed.)
by JoAnne Deitch

Children at Work depicts the harsh conditions under which children worked in the 19th and early 20th centuries in mills, factories, mines, and cities, as told through personal accounts of the children and the words and photographs of social reformers.  Often required to help support their families, children served as unregulated and inexpensive labor for a growing U.S. industrial economy. ...

Adventures in History

The Adventures in History line combines lively fiction with vivid historical details. Each well-written tale gives insight into the era or topic because of the adherence to historical accuracy.

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A Dangerous Search: Black Patriots in the American Revolution. Book 1 – From Lexington to Bunker Hill
by Nancy I. Sanders

Based on actual events in the Revolutionary War and some of the African-American men who shaped those events, A Dangerous Search tells the story of Tobias Gardner, a twelve-year-old free black in Lexington, Massachusetts in 1775, who steals away on a dangerous journey to find his uncle in Boston as the Revolutionary War begins.  After meeting up with Minutemen on...